Right way:

Finally, Jason and I have been concerned about insulting creators. Whether or not I like the art of Ron Lim has nothing to do with whether or not I like the man himself; how could I say whether or not I like him, since I don’t know him. When commenting on a creative endeavor like a comic, sometimes the work and the creator behind the work both become subjects of derision during the discussion. Jason and I have both made some negative (some may say snarky) comments about the work of certain creators in passing on the blog, but we try to focus on the work and not the person. Hopefully our readers will keep us honest in the future, as we begin to start doing some actual comics reviews.

Very, very wrong way: This is so wrong, it’s almost unbelievable, as a fan takes issue with Tony Lee’s writing skills:

And it gets worse – this was an out of date address this despicable little person found and sent the parcel to. Tony did stay in it once, but not any more – someone of his acquaintance does still live there (Tony wisely doesn’t say what their relationship is to him – friend, family – because he is trying not to identify them). And they thought I better open it and send it on to him. And among the bile of negative words and copied reviews and criticisms this disgusting little creep wiped their bum on it. No, I’m not kidding, not making some bad taste pun on the phrase ‘crap writing’, this loathsome little punk coated it with excrement. And then sent it to someone in the mail to open.

It’s only lines on paper, folks.


  1. Utterly revolting, completely uncalled for. Exercising your right as a fan to scrutinise somebody’s work is one thing. But this? Sheesh.

    In the immortal words of my dad: what a wanker.

  2. That issue with Tony is even more outrageous when compared to the man himself. The insight and support he offers on PnP and through his columns and time with fans at cons; one would have hoped that to be insulation against something so disturbed.

    Seriously, that needs to be reported to the police, and yes, whoever did that is a wanker.

  3. Perhaps someone should start a “Xenogenesis” site to chronicle such things, although that may just inspire others…

    The original essay was published in early 1992, and has been collected in the rather easy to find “Essential Ellison”.

  4. I used to get threatening letters from religious nutcases all the time when I had stuff printed in CBG – especially when I talked up my Deposit Man comic book ( which is now carried in Jim Hanley’s store BTW) .

    I kinda wished that I saved some of those and had them framed.



  5. BUT now, I only get mysterious crank e-mails from a person who claims to be Scott Goodell’s lawyer.

    Or someone dba as Scott Goodell’s lawyers..

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder….