As part of its 35th anniversary, Transformers is launching a new social media initiative to shine a light on its staff and – you! The promotion, titled More Than Meets the Eye, wants to share and celebrate what makes its fans stand out.
A short Facebook video posted earlier this week is the first of the bunch, spotlighting a senior designer named John. During the work week, his responsibilities include designing toys like the War for Cybertron line, but on the weekends he spends time as a farm volunteer working with kids in his community.
What makes you more than meets the eye? Transformers wants to know! Check out the details below:
“As we continue to celebrate our 35th anniversary, we’re thrilled to introduce you to one of the creative minds who brings the #TRANSFORMERS franchise to life. See how Hasbro senior designer John is #MORETHANMEETSTHEEYE.
Join in our celebration by sharing how you’re #MORETHANMEETSTHEEYE and be sure to tagTRANSFORMERS for a chance to be shared!”

For more Transformers 35th anniversary content, check out the latest comic, written by Brian Ruckley with art from Angel Hernandez and Cachet Whitman. The series takes place prior to the infamous Transformers War and introduces a new character named Rubble. Transformers #7 hits shelves next Wednesday, June 12.

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