Marvel has released a reminder about tomorrow night’s Avengers vs X-Men launch parties….and here it is:

Tomorrow, be the first to experience the explosive opener to the year’s most anticipated comic event, Avengers VS. X-Men, at your local comic shop! That’s right True Believer, tomorrow night at 8PM (local time)*, be the first in line at one of over 1,100+ Avengers VS. X-Men Launch Parties to find out what sends Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to the shores of Utopia for all-out war! It’s the biggest comic event of the century and we want YOU to get in on the excitement.
Do you stand with the Avengers? Or the X-Men? We’ve loaded up participating comic shops with Avengers (or X-Men) themed exclusive mini posters, buttons, variants, lithographs and more, but the only way to get them is to show up!  
Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet some of the creators behind this epic event at these select comic shops!
Midtown Comics – Times Square
Special Guests: Adam Kubert, Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoort & Nick Lowe
Special Avengers VS. X-Men #1 Variant by Skottie Young AND a LIMITED EDITION Avengers Vs. X-Men New Era Cap Available
200 W 40th St
New York, NY 10018
Elite Comics
Special Guest: Jason Aaron
11842 Quivira Rd
Overland Park, KS 66210
Meltdown Comics
Special Guest: Ed Brubaker
LIMITED EDITION Avengers Vs. X-Men New Era Cap Available
7522 West Sunset Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Excalibur Comics
Special Guests: Matt Fraction & CB Cebulski
2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214



  1. Dammit…I just heard a commercial on Jim Rome for this. We don’t talk sports in your comics world, Marvel, so please stay out of our sports.

  2. Marvel marketing must be better than dc if you are hearing commercials for A vs. X . Never saw a thing for dc and they said it was going to be a big marketing blitz. I will be heading to Flying Colors to pick up mine.

  3. Congratulations, Chris Hero. You were “FIRST!” And, surprise, you made a sarcastic, snarky, anti-mainstream comics comment. You’re now the embodiment of a typical, whiny, online fanboy. You must be so proud.

  4. Having a launch party for a comic that is partly recycling an old story idea from over 20 years ago is pretty lame/corny, IMO.

  5. @greg

    I wasn’t trying to be first, it just worked out that way. And my comment wasn’t sarcastic…. unnecessarily snarky, sure…and in no way anti-mainstream comics. Just because I’m proud to say I won’t be running out to a comic shop for a Marvel comic doesn’t mean I’m anti-Marvel comics. If people like them, go for it.

    Really, I’m more upset Marvel had a lame ad on the radio during Rome. It was kinda cringe-inducingly bad…so much so I’m not going to give them props for trying.

    For real…anyone going to one of these….please don’t let my earlier bad mood interrupt your good time. I truly hope you guys have a smashing good time. I’ve done dorkier things, so I’m no one to judge!

    I’m sorry for my snarky comment. It had no place here.

  6. @citizencliff: judas priest’s “hell bent for leather”? yeah, i could see that (very funny), tho’ i’m thinking more along the lines of “breaking the law, breaking the law” or maybe “sinner” (for those who remember priest’s earlier stuff). :)
    while i agree with wraith that’s it’s hard to get exicited over a plot device that’s been done to death over the years (tho’ i will be picking the books up and give them a try), i don’t see how heavy promotion of any comic book is a bad thing.

  7. To each his own but I’m actually quite impressed by the hype Marvel has created for this. Personally, I’m more excited by what’s coming after the event with creative line up changes and what not. I’m also going to read AVX for the Infinite comics thing.