Compass0CovercompleteWriter/editor/talent wrangler CB Cebulski, much like ourselves, owns many hats and dons and doffs them at regular intervals. First there’s the Marvel-based CB, who posts the following on something calledChesterQuest:

1 man.
6 months.
3 continents. (Possibly four.)
13 countries. (Possibly more.)
20 cities. (So far.)
12 artists who will be awarded the opportunity to work at Marvel Comics.

Possibly the largest worldwide comic book talent search ever undertaken.

Please come to the Mondo Marvel panel this Thursday, July 26th, at 4:45PM at the San Diego Comic Con, Room 6A, for all the details.

Hm. One man wandering the world looking for Omega Flight pencillers? Someone call Koike! More here.

On CB’s Image side, he’ll be debuting COMPASS at the show:

Printing is Japan as I write this, we’ll have copies of Compass Zero, our San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, on hand at booth 2729 all weekend. It featured an eight page original story and all kinds of other goodies and info about the upcoming series. Me, Aki and Ryusuke will all be there to meet and greet, and sign and sell you comics. Ryusuke will have his other Japanese manga and dojinshi on sale as well. Please stop by to see us and say “hello”!


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