§ Congrats to Dean Haspiel, who got an Emmy nomination for his work on the titles to the HBO series Bored to Death.

Emmy nominations for Outstanding Main Title Design

Bored To Death • HBO • Dakota Pictures, 3 Arts Entertainment /Fair Harbor Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
Tom Barham, Designer/Director
Marci Ichimura, Lead Animator
Dean Haspiel, Illustrator/Artist
Mark Rubbo, Compositor

Newsy stuff:


§ A second volume of LIQUID CITY, the anthology of South Asian cartoonists edited by Sonny Liew is on its way. The first book was pretty spectacular; guessing this will be too.

§ Baltimore Comic-Con has announced a slew of guests and ticket info.

§ And so has New York Comic-Con!

201007091349.jpg§ Also, Minori Chihara has been announced as a guest at the concurrent New York Anime Fest:

Ms. Chihara is most well-known as Yuki Nagato in the popular Melancholy of Haruhi Suzyumiya anime series, and in addition to voicing Yuki Nagato in the new Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film, Ms. Chihara also performs its theme song, “Yasashii Boukyaku”.  Ms. Chihara’s additional starring roles include Chiaki Minami in Minami-ke, Kagura Tsuchimiya in Ga-Rei -Zero-, Toka Ryumonbuchi in Saki, Aya Natsume in Tenjho Tenge, Minami Iwasaki in Lucky Star, Toa in Dragonaut, and Raquel Mayol in My-Otome 0~S.ifr~.

§ Michael Dooley informs us that he’s now writing for the Inprint website spin-off of Print magazine, and his first subject is the pervert Craig Yoe, who does a great job of coming off as the cranky old dude:

And yet again, this ties into my mission of showing great cartoons that will hopefully inspire. Today’s political cartoonists are ball-less wonders, with their joke-y gags. We don’t need silly jesters, we need powerful prophets. Where are the Thomas Nasts and George Herrimans of today? The lousy lightweight political cartoons and the putrid postage stamp size comic strips in newspapers are an abhorrence. Get some strong cartoonists in there to hook up a car battery to the old publishers’ nipples to wake ‘em up! Put political cartoons on page one, give every comic a full page on Sunday, and have a staff of cartoonists illustrating copy, just like in the old glory days. Maybe then those papers can become vibrant and relevant again!

There is some hope, with Patrick McDonnell’s “Mutts” and Richard Thompson’s “Cul de Sac” and a couple of others. We need more strips like that! I haven’t seen any good new political cartoonists, but then I tired of looking. Did you see the powerful messages and incredible draftsmanship of the vintage cartoonists in my book? Those fuckers had something to say, and they could draw!

More interviewy stuff:

§ Jim Lee has been doing some interviews. Here’s Newsarama:

Lee: It’s interesting, but I think looking back on it, you could never have predicted it, but it all makes sense. Obviously, having some success as a freelancer and then co-founding Image Comics and having that entrepreneurial start-up, and now at the age of 45, having been part of DC for, I guess 12 years now, moving into the position of co-publisher seems to make logical sense. Evolutionary sense.

§ Jim
Woodring talks to the A.V. Club

Well, to tell a longer story, certainly. It’s, for me at least, easier to tell a short story. And it’s easier for a reader to keep everything in mind throughout the duration of the thing. In a long story like Weathercraft, it becomes kind of convoluted. It can become perhaps difficult to remember what led up to whatever point you’re at. I worried a little bit about people being able to keep the shape of the story in their heads while they were reading it, and not wonder how they got wherever they were.

§ PictureBox has made official its update site launch and it’s going to include all kinds of bells and whistles and places to interact:

We hope the new site will serve as a visual culture hangout spot. To that end, PictureBox will soon host individual blogs from artists and writers. Some blogs will feature historical essays, others will focus on works-in-progress, while still others will host comic strips and photo sets. But most importantly, this site will also host you – everything is now up for discussion in our comments sections, allowing you to harp on about the topic of your choice with like-minded zealots. We also poured in a ton of magic glue to show you related posts, products and artists throughout the site.

Think of the new site as a place you go to see, discuss, and yes, sometimes even buy stuff.

201007091355.jpgThe new site is a pretty sophisticated place from a tech standpoint and we haven’t quite got the hang of navigating it but that’s probably because we’re old and cranky. However, the fact that it streams photos from Yuichi Yokoyama’s phone makes it all worth it.

§ We mysteriously found this Kirby Krackle video embedded n our links.


§ Adam McGovern writes to tell us that you’ll be able to buy POOD, the oversized newspaper-like comics anthology, directly from retailers NEXT Wednesday. More info here.

§ Don’t ever google for images tagged “pood.”

§ A column at a site devoted to McFarlane Toys action figures asks Are Graphic Novels Just Long Comic Books?

§ Cartoonsit Andy Fish offers his tips on How to Publish a Graphic Novel:

I’ve published my own work and I’ve also worked with several publishers and I can honestly tell you that in both counts the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

§ Writer Steve Perry’s former roommate has been arrested and charged with his murder> Perry’s dismembered body parts were found in May, including a left arm left in a van. Perry’s friend Steve Bissette supplies his own conjecture about what may have happened:

Steve had been bitching about that fucking van since it was in an accident a couple of months weeks earlier.

He couldn’t afford a proper repair job.

It kept breaking down.





Could it be Steve’s van broke down with Davis driving Steve’s body around with just Steve’s arm left to dispose of?

I’ve wondered this since we were told of the May 16th discovery of the abandoned van, found due to the odor from Steve’s severed arm.

I have thought about it almost every night since then.

§ Just sayin’.


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