Tim O’Shea has his own Talking with Tim blog now, and his interview with Regan Jay Fishman has
lots of details on next weekend’s King Con in Brooklyn. We haven’t time to really dig in now but here’s the programming:

# A Spotlight on Chris Claremont, legendary x-men writer, moderated by Fred Van Lente
# Graphic NYC Presents… a conversation with celebrated New York artist Kyle Baker (Plastic Man, The Bakers, Nat Turner)
# Zuda: What Happened? a retrospective look at the three-year life of a web-based comic
# Understanding Israel: A Spotlight on Sarah Glidden, author of the graphic novel How to understand Israel in 60 days or less
# The Daily Cross Hatch Presents: The Cross Hatch Podcast Live featuring a streamed conversation with Julia Wertz, Robert Sikoryak and Lisa Hanawalt
# The Funny Pages: Comedy in Comics featuring Lisa Hanawalt, Bob Fingerman, Michael Kuperman, Neil Swaab and Emily White
# Hips, Lips, and Pencil Tips: The Sexual Female as Feminist Focal Point a conversation with female artists Paige Pumphrey, Laura Lee Gullidge, Jennifer Hayden and Molly Crabapple, moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel
# Kids’ Stuff: Making Comics for All Ages featuring Nick Abadzis, Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman and Colleen AF Venable
# King Con Presents: Carousel, featuring R. Sikoryak, Emily Flake, Michael Kuperman, and more
# Pulp to the Future: the past, present and future of pulp comics with Adam L Garcia, Ed Catto, Mark Halegua, Derrick Fergusen, Chris Kalb
# Bored to Death — Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel (moderator Jeff Newelt) will discuss the HBO series written by Ames. The character “Ray” played by Zach Galifianakis is loosely-based on Dean who draws all the comic art for the show. Special sneak preview screening of clips from the Comic-Con themed episode that was shot here at the Lyceum in May.
# Plus Opening Party / Live Comix Reading with Dean Haspiel, Paul Pope, Jeff Newelt, Jen Ferguson, Seth Kushner, and Joe Infurnari. DJ Pulphope (Paul Pope), DJ CrossHatch (Brian Heater) + Bands til midnite!


ALSO, on Thursday, November 4th, there will be two panels:
The Death of Print Journalism: The needs of the many
The Wants of the Few: Atlantic Yards, Comics and the Changing Face of Brooklyn

…which all sounds pretty topical. This will be New York City’s third big show in barely 7 weeks, but, hell it’s a big town with a lot of cartoonists and there’s a lot of interesting stuff here