From Edel Rodriguez, some nice photos of last week’s R. Crumb art opening at the Society of Illustrators.

Via Flog, which has some more.

Again, we can’t stress enough how much epochal, iconic art is in this show. A MUST see if you are into seeing the work of one of the greatest cartoonists of all time.


  1. It’s a different show, but I did see the exhibition of Crumb’s original art from “Book of Genesis” when it was here in L.A. It is indeed a rare treat to see original comic art up close, and I’d definitely see this if I didn’t live on the other side of the country! (I do always make a point to visit the Society of Illustrators when I’m in NY though!)

  2. The white-haired man at the right of the photo is Brian Walker, son of Mort, and writer/artist of Hi and Lois, and co-curator of that great Masters of American Comics exhibition from about five years ago.

  3. Having seen both this and the Genesis exhibit, it’s no contest that this is the better of the two. Better selection of stuff at illustrators and a wider range of years. While I remain enamored of anything crumb does, it’s easy to see that the 60’s – early 90’s was the peak of his power. The pages at soi are magnificent to behold, while the Genesis stuff looks like chicken scratch by comparison – albeit chicken scratch that I’d kill to create!