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• The DCU Online Game official comic will be written by Marv Wolfman and Tony Bedard with covers by Ed Benes and Ryan Sook. Interiors are by Howard Porter and Adriana Melo. The bi-weekly comic debuts in early 2011.

• Yes, Superman killer Doomsday is coming back.

Doomsday will first make his presence known this January in STEEL #1 – but I can promise you, he won’t be the only hero facing Doomsday’s wrath for long. The story will continue with:
Part 2: OUTSIDERS #37
Part 4: SUPERBOY #6
Part 5:  … ????


• The other big DC event for next year involves fans breaking their Green Lantern rings and storming comics shops for rare replacements. Geoff Johns has an alternate interpretation:

From REBIRTH to SINESTRO CORPS to BLACKEST NIGHT, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have stood by each other and fought together to save our universe. After all that, what could possibly tear them apart? We’ll find out in WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS starting in March’s WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS #1 and throughout the Green Lantern titles in March, April and May. Every Green Lantern is about to be tested — and tested against one another.


• Marvel is publishing WHAT IF #200, and if you are a fetishist for drawings of Doom glowering while extending his mailed fist, then you will enjoy this cover by Dave Wilkins. Stan Lee and Marc Guggenheim script, while Wilkins and Eaglesham draw.


  1. Wow, while this can be somewhat entertainful, I don’t see how it will be any different from the 90’s Doomsday storyline. I mean he cannot be killed and is more powerful than anyone else, even Superman. He will slaughter everyone….before they all return. I just hope they don’t kill Superman and Superboy, both have already been there and come back in recent history.