Via Sean Chen, more photos from Eugene Gordon, taken at a comic book convention at the Biltmore in New York, 1974.






You know what’s interesting about these photos to us? The number of women who seem to be reading comics at the show, not just sitting there tending tables.

At least we *think* they’re women. Back in the day these long haired freaks looked more like girls than men.


  1. It’s entirely possible I was at this convention. If this was the one with the Joe Simon Capt America program cover, then I was there. Those were fun conventions. I rermember being 10 and talking to Stan Lee at the 1976 Marvel Con and was so wowed by it all.

  2. “Back in the day, these long-haired freaks looked more like girls than men.”

    That’s the kind of thing cretins used to say.

  3. That guy with the cane dangling on his arm while he reads a comic book is so much cooler than any person in any costume ever.

  4. Man, I would’ve loved to have been in those conventions in the ’70s since I’d have a good chance of seeing artists like Jeff Jones, Wrightson, Kaluta, and maybe some of the EC alumnus!

  5. The Biltmore in 1974? This would have been a Creation show, possibly in January of that year. Ken, the show with Joe Simon Capt. America program cover was the 1974 Seuling Con/July Con which was held at the old Commodore Hotel. An interesting thing about these shows which I had forgotten but which these photos reminded me of: the large number of dealers who didn’t sell comics at all but rather specialized in old movie memorabilia. Kind of puts in perspective all the people today who complain about SD Comic Con being all about movies and not about comics. You could also find a considerable amount of programming about SF, old movie serials, etc. at these old shows. So none of this stuff is new…just bigger and slicker.

  6. Boy – do I remember those Seuling cons – those were great memories. Hey, Steranko looks pretty cool in those old photos! By any chance – is the guy in the beret Vaughn Bode? I just can’t remember that far back…ahhhhh Alzheimer’s……..

    Take care!