Prime-8s, one of the short stories released during the Mini Comics Included Kickstarter campaign, is to expand into a full series for Monkeybrain Comics. Written by Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci, the writers will be joined on the new series by Kyle Latino and Jordan Gibson.


A short while back the Kickstarter campaign for Mini Comics Included was successfully funded, meaning backers collected a series of miniaturised comics from writers Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, and Tim Seeley. Illustrated by artists including Paul Tucker, Brent Schoonover, Sean Dove, Clint Hiliniski, one of the several comics was Prime-8s, featuring a team of monkeys who fight crime. In the aforelinked interview, Moreci described them as “He-Man meets Ninja Turtles”.

The first issue is available for pre-order now. And if you were wondering what the cast of the book would be like? Here’s a look at all of them, in a series of teaser posters Moreci shared with us:

p89 p87 p86 p85 p84 p83 p82 p80