Was it only a year ago that Monkeybrain, the digital imprint headed by Chris Roberson and Allison Baker, launched and set off a whole digital first craze? It was indeed. A year later the imprint seems pretty well estbalished at Comixology and print editions of such much lauded features as Bandette are on their way. Here’s this week’s releases and some previews to celebrate. These are some fine-looking comics.


Artful_Daggers_05-2 Artful_Daggers_05-3 Artful_Daggers_05-4 Artful_Daggers_05-5

Artful Daggers  #5
$.99 – Ages 15+
Adam P. Knave & Sean E. Williams, Writers
Andrew Losq, Artist
Frank Cvetkovic, Letters

Colin takes on a tricky meeting with First of Cornwall, while Arden learns to watch her back — no matter where she’s standing. Plus the start of a new back-up story, expanding in “Leading the Blind,” Part 5 of “Fifty Years Later,” Arden and Colin can’t avoid the truth any longer, while corporations start to form alliances, both above and under the table. And the Tails Skyheart back-up story continues!

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Masks_and_Mobsters_9-1 Masks_and_Mobsters_9-2 Masks_and_Mobsters_9-3 Masks_and_Mobsters_9-4




$.99 – Ages 15+
Joshua Williamson, Script Assist
Mike Henderson, Artist, Writer and Cover


The mob keeps dumping dead bodies in the Golden City Harbor, which doesn’t sit well with a mysterious underwater citizen. But does this underwater masked man become friend or foe to the Mobsters? Featuring a special tale written by artist Mike Henderson!


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Theremin_02-1 Theremin_02-2 Theremin_02-3 Theremin_02-4 Theremin_02-5

Theremin #2

.99 – Ages 17+
Curt Pires, Writer
Dalton Rose, Artist
Ryan Ferrier, Letters

ONE YEAR LATER. The Science Killer Squad is here. Eventually we all have to re-invent the art of assassination. PLUS: A secret that will tear everything apart! The spectacular second installment of the new series by CURT PIRES and DALTON ROSE is here and it is gunning for your soul.

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