Saturday night at a rockin party at the Socirty of Illustrators, the winners of the 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence were announced. Winners were all on sale at the festival and were selected by a jury consisting of Gregory Benton (a winner last year), D&Q’s Tracy Hurren, AdHouse publisher Chris Pitzer, designer Chip Kidd and James Sturm of the CCS.

Five winners were announced — all got handsome coin-like awards and a Wacom tablet.

David Plunkert for Heroical

Greg Kletsel for Exercise the Demon

Luke Healy for Of The Monstrous Pictures of Whales (which you can read online for free in this link)

Jess Ruliffson for Invisible Wounds

The Art of Alexandra Beguez for Narwhal

So as you can see, comics are just fine, as far as artistry goes. Poke around all the artists links above…you’ll spend a pleasant moning/afternoon.


  1. I didn’t realize Luke Healy was there! Augh!

    I don’t know how you guys have enough energy to go partying after the show. A friend of mine was busy selling her comics for two days and was beat both days. I walked the floor for a good part of Saturday and I was totally beat as well.

    I *really* enjoyed the way Mocca was laid out this year. It was soooo much easier to walk the aisles and get to booths even though it was more crowded than ever. The staff was *way* nicer, too.

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