trump for president final FINAL! tshirt email.jpg

Artist Mitch O’Connell originally put the above t-shirt design on sale back in September when it seemed more like a funny, funny joke. But now that Donald Trump is poised to become an actual presidential candidate who represents all the trash-talking, bigoted, gold-plated bullying aspects of American society, maybe it’s not quite as funny?

In John Carpenter’s classic film They Live! the late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper stars as a man who discovers that the ruling class are really aliens who are duping the people with subliminal messages of consumerism that distract them from the real causes of their oppression. He wears a special pair of glasses that reveals just who is an alien.

Some things never change.

Both t-shirt designs are available at the above link.

trump t-shirt email.jpg


  1. The problem is that, if you really stick to the analogy, Trump is closer to the Roddy Piper character while it’s Cruz, Rubio and Romney that are the aliens in disguise.


  2. Wow. Of all the 10 million trump t-shirts Ive seen, this design is by far the dopest. U have an amazing imagination and talent. Thanks for this!

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