The Beat’s unofficial Spanish correspondent, Pepo, alerts us to a post (in Spanish) on his blog about Frank Miller in Spain. Writer Borja Crespo caught up with Miller on his Spanish SPIRIT invasion. Pepo gave us a rough translation of Miller’s remarks, which we’ve excerpted:

“Obama or McCain?”

“In Europe I don’t want to talk about politics”, Miller answers.

“What do you think about The Dark Knight movie?”

“It should be called ‘The Joker’”

“Is it true the rumour about you wanting to direct a film about the Dark Knight with Stallone as Batman?”

“All it is said in internet is truth”, says Miller, laughing out loud.

He seems enthusiastic about the movies. Even overexcited, like a great child with a new toy in his hands: the entertainment cinema. The slender Mr. Miller is dressed on black, and doesn’t remove his hat. He stands up from his seat and salutes me affectionately, makes an effort to be nice. What the hell, he is nice! Or he plays his role very well. Looks like he excited by the movies, like he would living a second youth. Now he’s crazy about the camera and the focus.