200611140436Over at MILLARWORLDMark Millar pees his pants in excitement over a recent visit with WANTED director Timur Bekmambetov:

I went in expecting little as I haven’t been involved in this at all. We signed the deal, we got our cash and were just happy to be in Hollywood in some small way, but had no idea whether this would be good or bad. But oh. my. god. Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy is very classy casting, but their choice for the father is equally inspired. But talking to Timur and his vision for the adaptation was literally mind-blowing. He had a ton of pre-vis and early effects work and I shit you not I almost had tears in my eyes. I can’t go into details, but I used to think *I* was pretty good at action. Not anymore. My friends, Timur is going to knock this out of the fucking park. JG and I saw this as a nice easy payday when they asked if they could make it a movie. Now I feel like I just saw the early work on the first Matrix movie. It feels like the NEXT BIG THING and it’s all down to Timur. He’s going to make us look very, very good. I just can’t wait. Seriously, this looks bloody AMAZING and features a super-villain fight on a scale like Jim Cameron couldn’t even image. My jaw still hurts from dropping.