Shadow2Not too much happening in the comic book world right now. Our link dump brought in a lot of sort of comics related MOVIE AND TV NEWS, however, so we’ll call this our special ALL-ENTERTAINMENT POST at The Beat!

ITEM! Browncoats find something to do with their pathetic lives.

ITEM! George Clooney surprisingly hip about comic book battles, just more reason to love him:

Hollywood hunk George Clooney is warning comic book fans not to get too excited about the prospect of seeing Batman and Spiderman fight it out in his new movie The Good German, the scene features two actors trying not to re-injure their backs.

It seems former Batman Clooney fights Spider-Man Tobey Maguire in the film, but both were guarding their bad backs, so it is really nothing to see.

ITEM! Superman producer Jon Peters is super-creep, allegedly:

Yahoo! Movie News reported that a former assistant was suing Peters for sexual harassment during the production of Superman Returns. The woman charged Peters with some pretty sleazy behavior including exposing himself to her while her 3-year-old daughter was in the room. The suit also accuses Peters of “creating a hostile work environment” — considering the suit contains accusations of Peters climbing into her hotel bed uninvited, groping and offensive comments, “hostile work environment” seems like an understatement.

Hm, could this be where all those scenes of Superman stalking Lois in SUPERMAN RETURNS came from?

ITEM! Sam Raimi involved in yet another attempt to make a SHADOW movie:

After a lengthy negotiation, Columbia has acquired the screen rights to “The Shadow,” the legendary 1930s pulp hero, for a big-screen adaptation to be produced by Raimi and Josh Donen through their Buckaroo Entertainment banner. Michael Uslan is also producing via his Comic Book Movies, Llc/Branded Entertainment.

Uslan once wrote the Shadow comic book. It was last on theaters in a little-seen Aleb Baldwin version in ’94.

ITEM! Former BLADE Wesley Snipes eludes jail in tax evasion snarl…for NOW.


  1. As ever, I seem to be in the minority of people who liked the Baldwin SHADOW movie. A far from perfect interpretation, but a decent movie nevertheless. Plus, it boasted Ian McKellan, Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Curry, Jonathan Winters and Peter Boyle. You could do worse.

  2. What was really bizarro was that they intregated more elements out of a Doc Savage novel than a Shadow one – especially the crime college montage at the end where all little bad mobsters get their brains cleansed and get released to society as good little society dronebees.

    Has anyone out there in La-La Beat land seen the new Shadow and Doc Savage reprint volumes? Are they out yet? I’ve been all over LA looking for them – even Mystery specialty stores.



  3. >As ever, I seem to be in the minority of people who liked the Baldwin SHADOW
    >movie. A far from perfect interpretation, but a decent movie nevertheless.

    I think that sums up my reaction to the movie as well. It was OK. But given everything it had going for it–its cast, its character, etc.–it should’ve been much much better. (I have the same feeling about the movie SNEAKERS: pretty good. Shoulda been better…)