There’s a newcomer in Brooklyn and Miles just may have met his match. Following a surprise ending in last month’s issue, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 gives readers a proper introduction to Starling, whose appearance is sure to complicate Miles’ already-complicated life. It’s getting harder for Ganke to make his webfluid, his dad is getting calls from the vice principal, and his girlfriend knows he’s keeping a big secret… Plus, Tombstone’s gang is trying to take over Brooklyn. So what will this new player bring to the game?
Marvel provided The Beat with an exclusive preview of the first five pages of the new issue, on sale May 22. Take a look at the preview below and be sure to pick up a copy of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Javier Garron
Colorist: David Curiel
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Marco D’Alfonso
Publisher: Marvel
Who is STARLING?! …And is she single? Er, we mean, is she going to help stop Tombstone, or is she about to make the .45-thousand-caliber war for Brooklyn even deadlier? The last thing he needs is another complication at school. Good thing high school is, like, a very chill, logical place — oh wait.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 cover
Miles Morales #6 preview page 1
Miles Morales #6 preview page 2
Miles Morales #6 preview page 3
Miles Morales #6 preview page 4
Miles Morales #6 preview page 5

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