Via PR, word that Midtown Comics will be opening a downtown branch in the Wall St. area very this fall. With two existing branches — Times Square and Grand Central — already serving the commuter crowd, this looks to cement Midtown’s place as one of the biggest retail accounts for Diamond:

Midtown Comics will open a state-of-the-art, spacious new comic book specialty shop in New York City’s historic financial district in downtown Manhattan in the Fall of 2010, which will be the third location for the company in NYC. This new haven for comic book aficionados will be on Fulton Street, near Broadway, within the vicinity of NYC landmarks that include Wall Street, the World Trade Center (Ground Zero), City Hall, Battery Park, and South Street Seaport. A grand opening is planned that will include a gala event and multiple creator signings.

Visitors will find the same exciting comic book store environment that they’ve come to expect from Midtown’s existing NYC locations, and tremendous attention to detail will be prevalent in every department, from comics to graphic novels, alternative press, action figures, collectibles, apparel, and so much more. Fans of super heroes, non-super heroes, alternative fare and young readers’ titles will all find a place they can call home here.

In the midst of such an unsettled economic climate, co-owner Gerry Gladston was asked if this is an appropriate time for expansion, and he remarked, “The comic book market is thriving in NYC, and we’ll once again fill a void in an area that is severely underserved. Comic books remain one of the greatest of American art forms, and the medium has recently reached new heights in mainstream acceptance and commercial success, and provides some of the most exciting source material for Hollywood. Each new blockbuster film like Iron Man 2 brings in a new wave of eager readers. The continuing success of our stores in Times Square, Grand Central, and online indicates that the time is indeed ripe to strike again, and we will continue our dedication to the art form with a plethora of creator appearances, discounts, sales, and, most importantly, the irreplaceable knowledge, customer service skills, and enthusiasm of our entire staff. We’re pumped to open Midtown downtown!” Stay tuned for more details on this grand opening, due in the Fall of 2010.

MIDTOWN COMICS opened its first store in 1997, and is now the industry’s leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels, and manga, with its online store as well as two landmark NYC locations in Times Square and Grand Central. More information available online at:


  1. Hmmm… Jim Hanley’s Universe once had a store downtown. Also, Chameleon Comics has been on Maiden Lane and Broadway since 1992, which is a pretty good location.

    Where will “Downtown” Comics be located? Can they get a good location without paying too much for rent? From a retail perspective, I would place it near Rector Street, or on Broadway near City Hall.

  2. Although I wish them no ill will – they’re not very independent creator friendly over there.

    They once kicked me out of their store (on 4Oth street?? – I dunno, it’s a couple of blocks away from Port Authority) for asking them to carry my book while I was visiting my mom a couple of years back.

    I guess they have some policy concerning solicitors. Nice place, though.



  3. As a fellow (albeit smaller) retailer, I’m beginning to panic about the iPod and the devaluation of printed books. So from that perspective, an expansion move by Midtown both gives me hope and seems frankly insane.

  4. Love Midtown, but the location makes no sense now, plus, I hope they are not expanding, a la Mcdonalds (that they have to) instead of actual growth, which means more comic books being sold, not Diamonds’ other specialty sales (statues, clothes, etc.) being the main reason for another place.

  5. The location makes perfect sense to me. I work in the area and Chameleon Comics is frankly a very limited scope shop. They provide you your Spider-Man and Batman if that’s what you require, but back issues, alternative comics, aisles of graphic novels, manga (any manga at all) are nowhere to be found. It’s a small shop. With so many nerds concentrated in the area, it seems like a reasonable business decision.

  6. Midtown is a great shop (both of them) with a grade A helpful staff. I haven’t heard of a new comic store opening (anywhere) in a while so I wish them the best! I think its great news.

  7. You know what? If they capture a tiny bit of the 20th Century department store runoff, I think they’ll be just fine.

  8. According to Comic Book Resources, the store will be located near Fulton and Broadway, putting it near the new Fulton Transit Center.

    This center will join the 2,3,4,5,A,C,J,Z lines with the E,R, and PATH trains near the site of The Tragedy.

  9. I shop at Chameleon every week. The guys are great and will get you whatever you want. They have a member discount too (which for me works out better than the “20 off 100” deal midtown has. Given all that, I fear for chameleon…