Dark Horse Comics has announced Panorama, a new graphic novel from Copra creator Michel Fiffe. The 144-page story is billed as “a body horror romance,” and follows a pair of teens as they run away from home and come to grips with their burgeoning supernatural abilities.

The new graphic novel of Panorama will be the first time the story has been collected in one volume. Fiffe originally published Panorama in serialized form on the webcomics site he co-founded, Act-i-vate (the site doesn’t appear to be in operation anymore, and Fiffe had years ago taken all of his work off the site). In 2007 Fiffe and creator Dean Haspiel teamed for Brawl, a three-issue Image Comics series that brought their Act-i-vate work, including Panorama, to print for the first time.

In a statement, Fiffe talked about the return of Panorama to print and its importance to his comics career:

“I’m beyond excited to have Panorama finally back out in the world. It was the first sizable story that I ever created, crackling with the enthusiasm of a cartoonist who wants to do it all. It mixes genres and bends the form and is quite possibly my most personal project yet.”

Earlier this year Fiffe, who had for years self-published Copra under the Copra Press banner, took the acclaimed series and its back catalog to Image, with a new Copra #1 having landed in stores at the beginning of October. A quick sell-out followed, and a second printing of the issue was released just this Wednesday.

Check out the new cover by Michel Fiffe for Panorama below. The $19.99 book is due out in comic shops on May 27th, 2020, with a bookstore release on June 9th, 2020.

Panorama by Michel Fiffe
Panorama by Michel Fiffe