201102081920.jpgHumanoids and WE Prod. are teaming for a live-action Metal Hurlant TV show, Variety reports, based on the material best known here as HEAVY METAL magazine and presented in a Twlight Zone type anthology fashion. The show was shopped around at MIPCom and a first season of 12 episodes will be seen in various European countries such as Italy, Germany, Poland, and Russia. The episodes will be directed by Guillaume Lubrano, and will be shot in French and English, so perhaps a US debut can occur.

The pilot consists of “Red Light” and “Cold Hard Facts“. Teaser for the latter below:


  1. does this mean that a ton of cartoonists signed off on this, or that Humaniods owns the source comics and not the creators?

  2. If I remember correctly, this is based on a Geoff Johns’s short story.

    All the short stories from the recent relaunch in the US were under work-for-hire contracts. Don’t know about the European ones and any older ones.