Covered 9A
WIRED’s Eye-Popping Blog posts some great images. Above, Jack Kirby reengineered by Michael DeForge.


  1. I liked the revisiting of the Superman and Venom covers. To me, they are strong graphic visual treatments that stand on their own.

    Some of the others are interesting, but strongest in the sense that they tend to mock the artist, or the subject, or both. Like BigHead Batman, South-Park-style Kirby, or the non-aggressive Cap’n America.

  2. Again, I see proof that mainstream comics are the major influence in the low brown art world of today, as well as underground comix. Al, you rightly point out that they mock the artists and subjects, which to me proves that these artists have been looking upon the world of mainstream comics, for their main source of inspiration, long before they could ever paint or draw, themselves. The best parodies are done by those who love the material, and by doing this, they draw attention to just how eccentric and wonderful popular comics are anyway. These covers are both fun and loving, and I really enjoyed them.