The major con season for 2012 kicked off with MegaCon in Orlando. And so did the con news tidbits season. Superman Homepage has a write-up of the DC All Access panel, which had a couple of notable bits, including word that Static is joining the Teen Titans. Static is a great character with huge media potential, and despite the mess that his New 52 books became, at least DC is keeping him in the mix.

Likewise, fan fave Cassandra Cain will be coming back…somewhere.

And here’s the People like to dress up at comic-cons! story:

By day, they are an elementary school music teacher, a delivery truck driver, a reporter with a weekly newspaper and an average dad. At MegaCon, they can take on alter egos as the Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, Wolverine of the X-Men, a 10 1/2-foot-tall Klingon and a Transformer.

And here’s the Flickr set that shows just that.

Photo by Gary W. Green from the Orlando Sentinel.