Pretty much what it says.

Personally, we feel it is unnecessary to actually make this movie…the trailer is a fine short film that says it all about the human condition.


  1. AND Lorenzo Lamas. You know, from Renegade. Does anyone actually know if he drove a Jeep Renegade in that series, or was it always just the motorcycle? I could never tell from the commercials on USA, but I always wondered.

    Why no Beat hunk-swooning over the LL? Does a modicum of acting ability factor into these things?

  2. From the people that brought you such classic films as The DaVinci Treasure, Snakes on a Train, and Transmorphers! High class film making here, gentlemen. Also out soon.. so good it’s coming straight to your DVD.. is The Terminators. Bah! Who needs christian Bale when you have Jeremy London from Mallrats, the greatest film ever made.

    Actually, I wasn’t kidding about that last one. Fear and respect the escalator. Hmm.. I just remembered I saw Debbi.. er.. Ms Gibson shaking her love live at a local production of Chicago.

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