A publisher in the UK has come up with the most commercial mash-up yet.

Or we could be totally wrong and neither grade school boys nor junior high girls will like it. Kind of like Brussels sprouts.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how kids can navigate all this pandering bandwagon crap — I don’t remember parodies and cash-ins of my favorite books like HATCHET or ENDER’S GAME… but then I remember how Power Rangers spawned VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and (yikes) The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, and I guess it was pretty clear to us kids what was what.

  2. Stinky Dead Kid was quite successful… possibly because it also had a Twilight satire as well.

    Wimpy Vampire (9781442411838) comes out in August.

    A similar novel, with zombies, is “Never Slow Dance With A Zombie”. A high school freshmen trains a zombie BMOC to be her boyfriend, and thus become popular while the entire school is zombified.

  3. “…Stinky Dead Kid was quite successful…possibly because it also had a Twilight satire as well…”??

    Uh….could it also be possible that it was successful because it was well-written, well-drawn, entertaining and funny?

  4. Rick… I didn’t mean any disrespect. For the record, I am quite pleased that NBM/Papercutz broke through the clutter and became one of the best selling GNs of 2009!

    All of the Crypt titles are fun (I especially liked the Palin satire), but why did this one volume sell so well?

    Again, I think it’s because kids like to laugh at stuff they know, and they know Wimpy Kid and Twilight. Will the Wicked parody work as well? I sure hope so! And I hope it has lyrics! (Oz + Mombi = Hmmm…)

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