THR is reporting that Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins, both recently seen in WOLVERINE, have been cast in Andrew Stanton’s upcoming JOHN CARTER OF MARS. The role of the Virginian gentleman was hotly contested, the trade reports:

The role of Carter was considered one of the “gets” for a young actor, and Disney has spent months meeting and testing a wide swath of names from Jon Hamm to Josh Duhamel during its search.

Jon Hamm…hm, that would be our pick but…we won’t complain too much. Kitsch didn’t suck in his brief role as Gambit, and he will certainly look fine in a Martian loincloth (it was hard finding a picture of him with his shirt on.) Collins is quite lovely, but is she “incomparable”? We’ll see — the Julliard-trained thesp did much better with a really dumbass character in WOLVERINE than you would expect.


  1. Looks like The Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) might be joining the cast as well.

    And, in regards to Hamm’s nudity, it seems there are similar pictures of Ms. Collins. (From what I remember, in the first book Dejah is topless. How did DC and Marvel handle that? Does she become “civilized” in later novels?) Will ERB fans nitpick this aspect of the movie if her “treasures” are hidden?

  2. Torsten- IIRC, folks on Barsoom wear no clothes a’tall… Just holsters and straps for their weapons. I imagine the closest we’ll get to that is some Frazetta-style bikini/loincloth combos.

    The real casting coup is Tars Tarkas… Any eight foot tall actors with four arms out there?

  3. Most welcome news in the Dougan household. Kitsch is a big favorite of the Missus, and is terrific in FNL. For my money, Collins is a fine actress in all senses of the word. You’ve gotta love a woman who looks like that and can wrangle the iambic pentameter. Or I do, anyway.

  4. Chuck, that’s just what I was thinking. I also don’t think this actress is curvy enough for Deja Thoris. Of course everything I know about Deja Thoris comes from drawings by Frank Cho and to some extent, Adam Hughes.

  5. Is it just me or do these “comics movie casting” posts now seem to get more comments than posts about comics?