The big video game show, E3 is back this year, after a few unsteady, scaled back years. We’re just not up to code where video games are concerned so you can check out the LA Times tech blog or a zillion other places for news. However, we hear Microsoft introduced a hands-free controller, Project Natal — apparently you smile at it and shoot a gun or something. And everyone is talking about the animated Beatles trailer!


  1. The Beatles Rock Band should be fun for some (and really unbelievably amazing for others), but I’m thinking the Natal Project will be the one that really breaks ground for future technological advances (assuming it lives up to the hype). If you can accurately track the player’s whole body in 3D that easily (easy for the user, anyway), it opens doors not just for knockoffs or upgrades to existing games, but for things like cheaper motion sensing for generating animated movies or controlling your computer on your desk just by waving your hands.

    Some are concerned that by making interfaces easier to use with tools like Natal, we will encourage users to grow even lazier when it comes to initiating personal contact. Newsy, for instance, suggests that we may be “crossing the bridge between interactivity, real-life and everything that was once sacred.” I’m not convinced tech can change human nature that quickly, though.

  2. Just so you know Heidi, that’s not the trailer for Rock Band Beatles.

    That’s how the game will actually start.

    The trailer is a different thing showing the actual look of the game.