1 Lark Pien Ape Cake
Via PR, a report on the opening night festivities for APE:

APE, the Alternative Press Expo, which starts today (Saturday, October 17) had a terrific kick off last night as exhibitors and guests stopped by Last Gasp Books for the APE Mixer and to register early for the two-day event.

“Registering early has become a not-to-miss event,” commented David Glanzer, spokesperson for APE, “Last Gasp opens their doors for the evening to allow guests and exhibitors the chance to mingle and shop, and Comic-Con caters the event which always features the ever popular APE Cake this year featuring the artwork of special guest Lark Pien!”

One of the most popular and well attended conventions dedicated to creators of Alternative and Self Published books, APE this year celebrates it’s 15th year and the attendees all seemed excited as they prepared for the event which will take place at the Concourse Exhibition Center at 620 7th Street in San Francisco.

Hours for APE are Saturday, October 17, 11am – 7pm and Sunday, October 18, from 11am – 6pm.

2 Exhibitors And Guests

3 Ape Pre Reg


  1. Lark Pien can do no wrong.
    She is a talent that people need to get up and read.

    In another universe and alternative time-line (where I am a cool hip person)
    I would marry her. Haha!

    But at least in this universe we all have her art.
    Read her “Long Tail Kitty” series and be impressed!
    That’s a great looking cake!

  2. Yay, APE!

    While you East Coasters are busy with the REED vs. Shamus corporate Conmeggadon, we’re here CALI-dreaming with this Indie comics Bay Area lovefest…

  3. Yes, my old heart, as well. It is a rather youthful event.

    I hope to make it on Sunday and represent all us old, flabby, labored-breathing, cranking cynical industry folks. Walkers are great for mowing people out the way in the aisles.