63755_901404726570277_853836048101078152_nBy: Alexander Jones

Author Todd McFarlane has just announced a teaser for a brand new project he’s taking over to Image Expo, as well as more information on Spawn #250, and a new comic the creator is working on. The picture McFarlane shared on Facebook contains a classic version of the Spawn character drawn in a different style, some are speculating that it could be for a new animated series.

McFarlane also spoke on behalf of the upcoming Spawn #250:

“my single BIGGEST issue we’ve done since the existence of the Spawn title so I’ll be giving more details about that at the Image Expo.”

Then he teased something else on his Facebook account that may not be Spawn:

“I will also be introducing another NEW COMIC title that will be arriving on book shelves in a few short months! I will give all the details later this week.”

Fans worried about the pencilling schedule of McFarlane’s work can put their fears to rest, as it seems as though McFarlane is already done drawing the new series.

“Plus all the issues of this initial 8 -issue mini-series are COMPLETELY done. That’s right…over 180 pages of the story are finished.”

Image Expo takes place Thursday, January 8th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.


  1. McFarlane is just simply the biggest loser in comics. Not the least popular, not the poorest, just the biggest loser. He seems to have no idea why comics are good, and he seems to not have matured in 25 years. Not that he hasn’t matured, but there doesn’t seem to be an attempt to. He’s just creatively lazy.

    Someone is excited for this news, but it isn’t me. Is there an Internet-click term that equates to hate-watching?

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