Today we are giving away a GALLEY of Jason Shiga’s mind bending MEANWHILE. Using his usual amazing storytelling and logical ability. Shiga has created a book with over 3000 possible stories, using a system of color coded tabs that take you on an incredible adventure that begns with simply choosing a flavor of ice cream.

If you have never read a Shiga book, prepare to have your storytelling perceptions completely rewritten.

Please note, this is a paperback GALLEY and not the final hardcover. It is still PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL. If I had an extra hardcover I would totally give it away, but this is such a one-of-a-kind book that I wanted to be sure to pass it along to a lucky reader.

The rules: email me with your name and address and “Giveaway #3” in the subject line to [email protected]. Since it’s the weekend, this giveaway (and two more to follow this weekend) ends MONDAY AT 6PM. Sorry, US and Canada only. Void where prohibited.

Congrats to Alex Spivey for winning our Museum of Terror giveaway and David Oppenheim, winner of the Giant Size Little Lulu giveaway (which had a TON of entrants.)

More good stuff and surprises coming.


  1. I’ve seen this book, since I know Jason personally and let me say for the record this is more than a worthy prize for ANY reader (comic fan or not). It’s simply an amazing project from the art to the presentation and execution. Drop it on a coffee table and watch people dive into it like a fish to water. Really it is that effective. Shiga is a brilliant thinker and I await his other comic which features a die-cut panel throughout the entire book acting as a window to the next page, and yet still making sense in the story no matter which way you read it.

    Shiga is the M.C. Escher of the comic industry.

  2. I bought two copies of this book and put them into my school library more than a month ago. Both copies have been checked out continuously – boys and girls both love this, right now I’m seeing mostly 3rd through 5th graders going crazy for the book. It’s definitely a hit.