Have you been fretting about what to get Sean T. Collins for his birthday? Worry no more! Wearable, usable art company Poketo has just announced Perverse Universe, a limited edition wallet series that “offers a view into the mad minds of Matt Furie, Louie Cordero, and Jon Vermilyea.”

These artists share a love for storytelling, a fondness for the weird, and an obsession with textures. Their strange worlds have plenty of irreverent humor and oddball characters, now in exclusive, wallet-sized pieces. The release also includes comic books and prints from the artists, as well as illustrated interviews, to be posted on our blog.

Now we gotta admit, that Landwolf wallet is so hot it might just burn a hole right through the back pocket of your skinny orange corduroy jeans, so beware!

Poketo presents the work of many other artists, many of them awesome, so check it out.