Recently, a bunch of cover solicits from Marvel’s All-New All-Different preview book leaked.  We now have 46 titles on deck.  Besides some major shakeups we’ve previously covered such as Jeff Lemire debuting on X-Men and Rick Remender leaving Marvel to focus on his creator owned work, there aren’t any huge shakeups to the roster of creatives in this All-New world.

The titles below are organized alphabetically by series genre.



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45 - 2UpoQmD

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38 - W1pUgFs


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18 - 7fVKtnP

19 - DXVmSei

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01 - SAkP2iD

12 - BjHbvYb

30 - g9isagI

10 - 0JWbcIs

05 - CJhVBw4

06 - u8cZM4P


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04 - ugNDuxS


22 - dcUhzOQ

29 - kVs76wb

39 - Fjfuj10

Guardians Of The Galaxy

31 - yWgNPSd

27 - fthKqXy

26 - rK2cwfc


Marvel has also announced a Gamora title with Nicole Perlman on scripts.


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33 - YuONto7

08 - r7iFeYN

24 - ay6cGJk


  1. Massive step back for Marvel in terms of creator diversity. This basically feels like a New 52 style reshuffling of the deck, when they really should have gone out and grabbed some new voices to reflect the evolving audience that are buying these things.

  2. Lots of titles that interest me. I like what they’re doing.Bringing Lemire in is GREAT. Bumping Al Ewing up is good, too. He wrote some stellar stories.

  3. also looks like a lot of reshuffling of characters into different books with characters that they wouldn’t normally associate with, and while for the most part it looks like the MU is gonna pick up where it left off, a few observations from the covers above: so now there’s gonna be two clint bartons walking around, one in the new avengers, one in his own book. why are the original x-men still around, don’t they have to go back to their own time to fulfill their destiny? alot of alternate reality characters running around, which now looks like one of the desired results to the climax of secret wars . guess the rumors of the x-men leaving earth were indeed just rumors, and while, again, it looks like the majority of characters are picking up where they left off, it seems like peter parker/spider-man, starlord, and dum dum dugan are getting the full reboot treatment. with supposedly another ten to fifteen books being released, i guess we’ll see if characters like the black widow, nick fury (sr. and jr.), thor odinson, iron patriot, hank pym, the wasp, reed richards, sue richards, cyclops, luke cage, iron fist, jessica jones, hercules, mockingbird, silver surfer, capt. universe, hellcat, etc.will end up in any of the new books.

  4. Marvel’s creative teams leave a lot to be desired today. I’m honestly not trying to be rude or insensitive (and these are just my own personal tastes and opinions.) But give me Butch Guice, Alex Maleev, Robert De La Torre, Michael Lark, Mike Perkins (one still there!), John Romita, Jr., etc. any day. I hate to say it, but the art on Marvel titles has reached such a “cartoony/indie” state, it’s totally turning me away from their books (and it looks like with this reboot it’s getting worse.) With all the love for classic artists (Al Williamson, John Romita, Sr., Alex Toth, José Luis García-López, etc.) I’m noticing that, at least on the Marvel side of things (and pretty much with the majority of indie comics, though not all) we get lots of cartoon-ish style work. The “realistic” artists seem to be fading away. I’m just wondering if that’s a good thing or not?

    Either way I’m digressing, I suppose. I’m intrigued with a few of these titles (Karnak, great possible artist/writer combo! And Scarlet Witch with Wada on it? That could be amazing if he brings his fashion art style to the book!), but overall they’re leaving me going “eh.” And for the love of all that’s right and good, could we shake up the creative team on Amazing Spider-man. It needs a new writer and a new artist, STAT. At least Humberto Ramos is on Uncanny X-Men now and will hopefully forever leave AMS alone, now. (Wow, I sound grumpy for a Wed! LOL)

  5. I’m not sure what’s “all-new all-different” about what Marvel have done. Looks like the same old Marvel to me. Most of the creative teams are the same teams on the books pre-Secret Wars. I don’t actually understand the entire point of their relaunch. OK, new #1s, but is that it? And the whole “end of the Marvel Universe” schtick they’ve led with going to Secret Wars – I kinda feel they’ve misled us with that, deliberately, just to get people to buy their books.

    The other thing, too, is that it seems anyone can be Marvel’s iconic characters, everyone’s replaceable. The Hulk book is obviously a new Hulk. The new Wolverine can’t even be given her own separate standalone codename. Anyone can be an Avenger now. Why are Marvel afraid to have the original icon be in their own book? Surely they’ve got more stories to tell with them?

  6. I like what Jason Aaron does, so definitely looking forward to Doctor Strange and will continue reading Thor. Great that Dan Slott is continuing Spider-Man, although his series mightn’t get the main focus? Mark Waid was great with Daredevil, so I might look at his Avengers take. And I’ll dip into X-Men, but I really don’t like what they’ve done with Wolverine. Could they milk the Guardians any further? That’s excessive.

    Ultimately there’s a few titles in there that look interesting but I predict won’t last. And no Luke Cage or Iron Fist. :/

  7. All New, All Different Marvel is going to be crap and alienate a lot of existing customers that are actually supporting Marvel comics currently. It’s all very Disney princess/diversity washed and cleansed/ very little edgy art and violence (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Moon Knight and Punisher look to be out in the new MU). This relaunch looks like they are marketing to 10 year olds who can’t afford many $4 books.

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