Man, Marvel loves their hyphens.

Dan Slott recently gave an interview to MTV regarding his and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli’s upcoming Amazing Spider-Man run, which begins following Secret Wars‘ conclusion in October.  In the article, MTV debuted new designs from the series including a brand new costume created by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come) and a Spider Mobile conceived by Camuncoli.

SlottSpidey003 SlottSpidey004

As head of Parker Industries, the tech company that Doc Ock founded while his mind was in Peter Parker’s body, the newly restored Parker is now an incredibly wealthy inventor.  Slott promises that Parker will put this wealth to use by expanding his heroic operations beyond the Manhattan skyline, traveling to Shanghai, San Francisco, and London to face greater threats than ever before.

It’s worth comparing this new take on Spider-Man to the Batman Inc. era Dark Knight.  Bruce Wayne, as head of Wayne Industries, financially endorsed Gotham’s #1 vigilante and helped him expand Batman’s reach beyond his home city, much like Parker will help the web slinger do in Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider Mobile = Batmobile

Did I mention that Spider-Man’s suit is high tech now, too?


“The things this suit will be able to do and the innovations that Peter Parker has put into it will be astounding,” Slott noted, “and when you want to take something to the next level, you go, and make it look real, you go, ’hey Alex Ross, take your best shot.’ ”



  1. I think “all-new” and “all-different” is woefully misleading. It’s the same costume, just with…a glowing emblem, slightly different boots motif, and, uhh, electric blue armpit webbing.

    Seriously- not a complaint, an observation. I hope Ross didn’t get paid for a “new and different” “redesign” since it’s only minor tweaks to the same Ditko design. Yep.

  2. it’s funny how out of all the characters coming back, spidey is the one to get the whole reboot treatment (so far). not that he hasn’t before now. “one more day” was a reboot and a badly done reboot. i wouldn’t think that they would do too much to change the uniform, it is iconic and instantly recognized all over the world. even tho’ i won’t be picking this up (not a fan of reboots, reboots being the reason i stopped reading DC after the new52), it will be interesting to see which the fans like more, rich, successful spidey or poor, struggling spidey.

  3. You know, I realize it’s just comics and things can always be reset to what they were. And I realize that they’re done some weird, different stuff in the past (six arms, Captain Universe powers, etc.), but I’m not sure I get the point of doing an apparently extended run of Spider-Man where the character has essentially ceased to be Spider-Man or Peter Parker in any meaningful sense.


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