In 1992, the MTV News crew visited the Marvel Bullpen and talked to then Editor in Chief Bob Harras, the late Mark Gruenwald and the legendary Darren Auck, among other. You’ll be charmed and delighted by this look back at the olden days, and terrified and perhaps haunted by the astonishing number of mullets on display. Some classic hesher looks there. I haven’t been to the bullpen in…oh 10 years or so–I don’t think they allow outsiders in there any more unless you’re a wrestler or Benedict Cumberbatch–so I can’t say how many mullets and metalheads are still there. My guess is you might find one or two, but not glorious ones as in the golden age.

Bob Harras was also rocking a pretty relaxed pose for someone who was about to appear on TV.


  1. Karyn Bryant’s hair and clothes aren’t exactly current, either. Ah, the grunge era!

    What’s really haunting here are Bryant’s references to music videos. Back then, before it became a reality-TV channel, MTV actually showed such things. But who needs the Red Hot Chili Peppers, when we can watch “16 and Pregnant”?

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