Still no more 99¢ sales from Marvel, that ship appears to have sailed, but there’s a Fantastic Four sale going on right now.  This is probably best broken down by era, although the way the volumes are labelled and number is frequently a little odd.

Amazon does a particularly bizarre job of sorting this various books into series (not that Marvel does that much better a job), so  here are some highlights:

The Lee/Kirby Era:  Fantastic Four Masterworks V. 5 and V. 6 are probably the highlights here.  V. 5 is that sequence that introduces the Inhumans, Galactus and the Silver Surfer.  V. 6 is a followup to the Inhumans and Surfer, plus it introduces the Black Panther.

You probably don’t want V. 0 of the Byrne run, if you like Byrne, start with when he takes over as writer/artist with V. 1.

The next era worth your time, and I personally like it the most of any FF since Lee/Kirby is the Mark Waid / Mike Wieringo run:

Jonathan Hickman is the next BIG run in the sale.  You remember how Hickman likes to do long form plotting?  With his run, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound.

And if you’re in for Hickman’s Fantastic Four, you might as well go in for the companion series, FF.

Go ahead and have a browse.


  1. I liked Waid and Weiringo’s run but I didn’t care for Waid’s take on Doctor Doom. Byrne’s FF will always be my favorite run after Jack and Stan because of just how great that period of Marvel Comics was.

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