Marvel’s David Gabriel: we haven’t sold comics in bookstores for months and no one noticed

Remember what I was just saying about how if Marvel made any money selling periodicals in bookstores, they would never have stopped the program? David Gabriel, sr vp of sales at Marvel spoke to Calvin Reid at PW, and gives the entire overview:

Gabriel confirmed that Marvel’s single-issue comics program to bookstores has been ended. He said that Marvel ended newsstand sales of print comics “about two years ago,” and the single-issue program at BAM and B&N “ended almost three months ago to no fanfare or notice from the comics industry.” Gabriel said “the business in the direct market [the comics shop market] is a much stronger model and try as we might, we have not been able to make the comics newsstand model work for years, I don’t think anyone has.”

I had no idea Marvel had ceased newsstand sales TWO YEARS AGO. But the fact that it took MONTHS for anyone to notice there were no more Marvel comics in B&Ns should tell you how many of these copies were cold.

So yeah, there you go: comics on newsstands RIP. Luckily we have the book channel and the digital channel to make up for it. All good. Moving on.

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