DC’s Captain Marvel may be gone, but Marvel’s is coming back, as per the above teaser. Details will be revealed at the Tom Brevoort panel at WonderCon on the 15th.

Captain Marvel’s last re-appearance (in Civil War) was similarly teased, Graeme McMillan reminds us.

Captain Marvel is currently planned to get involved in that AvX hoo-hah. Multiversity has the most expansive speculation, including the idea that Rick Remender will be involved.


  1. “What ever came of that?”

    I believe he turned out to be a brainwashed Skrull who really thought he was Captain Marvel and, thus, died fighting against the Skrull. Not the Skrulls’ best plan, obviously.

  2. “Bleeding Cool is stating its actually Carol Danvers taking the title”

    Meanwhile, poor Monica Rambeau sits sobbing the corner of some tavern in Latveria.


  3. Not that it necessarily means anything, but the cover to Secret Avengers 27 shows him decidedly male and accompanied by Carol.

  4. I hope Carol Danvers gets the job, wearing the classic red-and-black (blue?) suit. I was there for her first comic run, from the first few (when it wasn’t very good, but got better) to the two Cockrum issues that re-designed her costume and were awesome. I’m going to miss that costume, though. Classic Cockrum.

  5. Maybe they’re going to have Marv change bodies with Carol using the negabands to capture the undiscovered gender-bending market.

    Because this is the “House of Ideas” we’re talking about after all.