Marvel have been teasing a new project called #1, which has been suggested to be a weekly comic, or some kind of compendium, or… well, who knows. At any rate, a new teaser has surfaced, revealing the creative people who will be featured in the project, as well as the news that the announcement for #1 will come next weekend, at South By Southwest. There are plenty of names involved —


Some of the most notable names on there are Warren Ellis, Ed Brubaker and Joss Whedon, all of whom seem somewhat unlikely at this point to be releasing new work for Marvel. Especially Whedon, whose involvement would surely come with a teaser in itself – despite apparently only being able to write one comic script every seventeen months or so, he’s a big name, and would bring a lot of attention to Marvel comics.

So what is this? It looks to be some kind of reprint, or some way of celebrating the books Marvel perceives to be the most important they’ve done. The presence of John Cassaday on the teaser probably connects to his work with Whedon on Astonishing X-Men, and you can also pair together several other creative teams, such as Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, or Matt Fraction and David Aja.

But at the same time, all these creators listed here are fairly contemporary – if you’re going to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men, there’s no way you should be allowed to exclude Chris Claremont. So what the devil (as Claremont would no doubt write in his 50th Anniversary X-Men Comic, which by the way I WANT TO READ) is this meant to be?


  1. i think both your assessments of the direction this project could go in could be valid. if indeed it is a collection of stories in hardcover, even with all the big names why all the trumpeting over what comes down to a collection of reprinted stories from the past few years , many of them already reprinted. on the other hand, if it is a weekly book (all number one issues) focusing on one of the 52 characters (the first promo had the names of 52 marvel characters, the second promo 52 lines scratched off in groups of five) ,with all that top talent working on such a project, that would be news in the comics world, and surely even the big names that have time management issues could squeeze off one story in a 52 week period. and yes, the whole “52” aspect of the project is to thumb their noses at dc’s “new 52”. i’m just glad this is looking less and less like a reboot or relaunch (famous last words).

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