Likewise, we haven’t had time to delve into all the various levels of the return of Marvelman, but let’s just say all the players are tuning up for a whang dang doodle of a hootenanny. Rich Johnstongathers up some early reports and message board postings, including Erik Larsen’s declaration that “Neil Gaiman is a dick.” Oh yeah, it’s on. For a more researched take, here are Steve Bissette’s findings.


  1. Looking forward to the Marvel Masterworks and Marvel Essentials reprints of the old Mick Anglo material! Tee hee!

    Plus, when will Marvelman meet Captain Mar-Vell? Might there be a new Marvel Family series of books? Maybe a revival of the old “Marvel Tales” comic with stories of Marvelman, Kid Marvelman, Young Marvelman, Captain Mar-Vell, Captain Mar-Vell’s son Genis (also known as Captain Marvel), Monica Rambeau (who was once known as Photon, but before that as Captain Marvel), Ms. Marvel, the Black Marvel (and the Slingers!), and the Blue Marvel?

    Just what is Marvel going to do with their new toy?