A news teaser campaign rolls out.


Of course, the temptation to answer “a cult 1999 film starring Tom Waits, Janeane Garofalo, Ben Stiller, Wes Studi, Paul Reubens, Eddie Izzard and William H. Macy and created by Bob Burden” is irresistible. If only…


  1. Didn’t DC just announced Mystery Men as being one of their FlashPoint titles too? So even when DC and Marvel rip off smaller press comics they still copy each other?

  2. I guess a case could be made that the trademark on Bob Burden’s Mysterymen has lapsed? When was the last time they were published? It’s a shame, though. That was a damn fine comic book.

  3. @Peter: I think in terms of IP, It is possible for two “Mystery Men” titles to exist trademark-wise provided they are different in terms of content.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  4. The Original Mystery Men were what they called superheros before they ever coined the phrase Superhero’s and they are still refered to as that in some circles. the shadow, the Arrow, Phantom, Wildcat, Atom, Blue beetle, Green mask, Sandman all of these were once MYSTERY MEN. I do Wish more comic fans had enough Curiosity and respect for the art of story telling to educate themselves about the things they love so much and its history. I am glad you asked that wonderful question. there just aren’t enough people out there self educating. my personal favorite always was Wildcat growing up still is. I suggest looking up the original atom. no one had powers back then so they had to get creative :)

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