Marvel has gone cryptic again with a new teaser for something called MU by Steve McNiven and Cullen Bunn. Here’s the clues for the logic puzzle:

• McNiven is the artist on Civil War

• Bunn is the writer on Uncanny X-Men

• But McNiven is given top billing, suggesting he’s a co-writer.


• MU probably means Marvel Universe, but maybe it refers to the lost continent of Mu, a pre-Atlantis much beloved of ancient alien astronaut theorists and the like, and present in Marvel continuity as Lemuria. Maybe it’s Sub

• Whatever the SHOCKING truth, it will be revealed during the Diamond Retailer summit at Marvel’s dinner presentation.  And The Beat will be on the scene to live tweet all the excitement!!! Keep it locked right here!!!

What do YOU hope MU is? Lemuria? Or Gondwanaland?




  1. The Terrigen mist will transform all of Marvel’s characters into cows for the mega-crossover “UDDER DESTRUCTION.”

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