For those who were saddened that there was no comics adaptation of Star Wars: The Force AWakens to put beside the Howard Chaykin;/Al Williamson classic of the past…you’re in luck! At ComicsPRO Marvel just announced a five issue adaptation by respected author Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath) and artist Luke Ross (Hercules.) Esad Ribic will supply the covers. Only some character setches were relased, but they are lovely and very much in the Williamson/Empire mode.

“‘The Force Awakens’ knocked our socks off from the very first time we saw it, and we could not wait to start being able to play with these new, awesome characters!” editor Jordan D. White told CBR. “Now, we get to bring all of them to the pages of our comics with an adaptation of the film we loved so much! We’re all fans first, so it’s all love that is bringing these pages to life!”

The new Star Wars cast has a lot of staying power, so I’d imagine this will find an audience.



  1. The completist in me asks… was this ever done for the prequel trilogy? Dark Horse would have had the liscence then, wouldn’t they?

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