I’m not talking about the constantly-developing fifteen-page theoretical shadow-physics equation Jonathan Hickman emails every member of the comics press once weekly – this is the Infinity storyline which will start on Free Comic Book Day for Marvel. A story returning Thanos as a mainstay villain in the Marvel Universe, Infinity has been outlined a little more thoroughly recently, with crush-worthy Brian Truitt explaining all on USA Today.infinity

After a preview in Marvel’s FCBD issue, there will be a six-issue Infinity series by Hickman, drawn by Dustin Weaver, Jim Cheung, and Jerome Opena. The story will also feature tie-ins for New Avengers and Avengers, both of which are currently laying down foundation stones for the main event. A large Avengers team will head out into space in order to face down some new secret ‘agenda’ Thanos is planning, whilst also trying to see off new villains ‘the builders’.

The main thing about Infinity, however, is that it will begin a big push for the Inhumans, one of the least appreciated Kirby/Lee creations. The Inhumans will show up early in this story and plan a massively important role in the Avengers’ fightback against Thanos. Editor Tom Brevoort describes them:

They’re not like a team of superheroes. They’re a demographic — being an Inhuman is like being Cuban, like being Irish

So presumably we’ll soon start to see conspiracy theories placing Black Bolt on the grassy knoll. The first look at Infinity will be in the FCBD issue on May 4th, and it looks like we’ll soonafter find out about tie-in books and teaser images.


  1. I wish I could be more enthusiastic about INFINITY, but since the Celestials, Beyonders, and Galactus already exist, the Builders are redundant to the point of being useless. If Hickman were to create an armor-clad monarch ruling some tiny South American country, would he think he was creating something new and exciting?

    If anyone can come up with a rationale for Thanos wanting to rule something, I’d be happy to see it. I’m guessing that the shift in characterization is connected to his movie role. He obviously can’t destroy the universe, or even a goodly portion of it, but he can try to take over some part of it.


  2. Where did Jonathan Hickman go to college again? Let’s be careful not to mistake the pseudoscience gimmicks he pushes in his books with actual REAL physics that people spend years studying. Many of Hickman’s “big ideas” seem like something someone with a second-tier community college degree (and an AMAZING dvd collection) would come up with. Also Marvel’s publishing plan seems to be in utter thrall of its movie studio–like, the highest honor a Marvel writer can receive is to “consult” on one of those movies. It’s all kind of sad when you take a few steps back from things.

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