Last week’s cryptic, ripped-from-the-front-cover teaser images from Marvel of Angela, Blade, The Winter Soldier, Wiccan, Damian Hellstrom, and Spectrum all coalesced on Tuesday during Marvel’s Pull List with the announcement of Strikeforce #1. Oh, and that final team member? It’s Jessica Drew, a.k.a. Spider-Woman, back in an old costume. This is one here of a team and the creators behind it are impressive, too.
Written by Tini Howard and illustrated by German Peralta, Strikeforce promises No Mercy and No Compromise. While we still don’t know exactly why this team is forming or why the current Savage Avengers title doesn’t fill this role, Howard and company promise a  “monsterrific bloodbath.”

With a roster filled with the likes of Blade and Damien Hellstrom, it’s easy to bet that the foes they face might take on a bit more of a supernatural flavor. Whatever their main mission is, they are certainly about to get their hands dirty. Check out the official description for Strikeforce and Andrea Sorrentino‘s cover art below.
Strikeforce #1 hits shelves in September.

Doing the dirty jobs the Avengers and other Marvel heroes can’t do!
Angela, Blade, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau, and Daimon Hellstrom join forces for a monsterrific bloodbath from the dark mind of rising star Tini Howard. Prepare for a tale from the underside of the Marvel Universe in STRIKEFORCE!

Strikeforce #1 cover by Andrea Sorrentino