Spider-Man may have made it to Broadway, but what about the other heroes in the Marvel Universe? Some of them will get to take center stage in a new series of one-act, educational plays designed for high schoolers, thanks to a new partnership between Marvel Entertainment and Samuel French called Marvel SpotlightThe New York Times reports that the inaugural round of plays will feature Ms. Marvel, Thor and Loki, and Squirrel Girl. Each script will be available for retail purchase as well as licensed performances.

Mirror of Most Value: A Ms. Marvel Play features a script penned by Masi Asare; the play is about accepting one’s imperfections.

“When I began working on the play, I had only a little knowledge about Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel,” Asare wrote in an email to the Times. “I loved the idea of a superhero who is a brown girl from an immigrant background (like me), someone who wants to do good in the world, but isn’t always sure how to do it. So she’s kind of awkward and not-smooth and has her share of mishaps, but she still persists.”

Christian Borle penned Hammered: A Thor & Loki Play, which depicts the brothers competing with each other to impress their parents. Finally, Karen Zacarías wrote the script for Squirrel Girl Goes to College: A Squirrel Girl Play, which follows Doreen Green as she attempts to reinvent herself at a new school.

Artist Erica Henderson did the cover art for retail copies of each play, which will be available for purchase for $9.95. Meanwhile, license fees are $75 per performance for one play or $125 per performance for two or more. For more information, visit MarvelSpotlightPlays.com.

You can check out Henderson’s cover art below, along with full synopses for each play.

Marvel Spotlight Ms. Marvel

Kamala attempts to boost Ms. Marvel’s fledgling super hero profile by writing her own fan fiction. But when building a fandom becomes an obsession, Kamala’s schoolwork and relationships begin to suffer. To become the Jersey City hero of her dreams, Kamala must learn to accept herself just as she is – imperfections and all.

Marvel Spotlight Hammered

As Thor struggles with the stress of final exams, his brother Loki finds himself under a different sort of pressure. Neither are beneath pranks in the endless competition for their parents’ favor. But underneath all the thunder and mischief, these two Princes of Asgard discover a bond that will last millennia.

Doreen arrives at Empire State University to make new friends – and protect them from super villains – by keeping her super hero identity a secret. But when a beloved computer science professor suddenly disappears, can Doreen trust her friends with her inner squirrel so she can save the day?