When we talk about long-running recent creative tenures, the Dan Jurgens era of Batman Beyond doesn’t get a whole lot of mention, but he’s been at the helm of this ship since 2015 with only a fill-in here or there, and the volume separation of the Rebirth relaunch, to break things up. While Terry McGinnis is going to play a role in the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, you can get an early peek at what the future holds for the DCU on a monthly basis through Jurgens and companies’ efforts…
Speaking of, The Beat has an exclusive preview of this week’s Issue #33, with art by Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks…it’s the third part of the current ongoing storyline that sees Terry and friends facing a strange dilemma that altering Bruce as they know him. Just what’s going on exactly?
Here’s the solicit details, the issue is in shops on Wednesday:

“Lost Daze” part three! Defeated at the hands of the Splitt, Batman radios for help. But Bruce Wayne doesn’t seem to have the same knowledge and experience Terry has relied on over the years from his mentor. Meanwhile, Melanie Walker tries to get to the bottom of everyone’s strange behavior by breaking into Arkham Asylum. Will she make a shocking discovery that will help Terry the way Bruce seems unable to?