Back in 2006 Marvel published Spider-Man: Reign, a 4-issue miniseries from writer/artist Kaare Andrews. Set in an alternate future, Reign featured a retired Peter Parker who inevitably finds himself donning the Spider-Man costume again to combat new and old foes threatening New York City. Basically, Marvel’s answer to The Dark Knight Returns. The series wore its DKR influence on its sleeve as epitomized by the inclusion of a character named Miller Janson, an obvious reference to Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

Since it was first published, Spider-Man: Reign has gained infamy along the same lines as one of the most controversial storylines. It all stems from the revelation that Peter’s wife, Mary-Jane Watson, was in fact killed by cancer brought on by exposure to Peter’s radioactive semen. Perhaps MJ dodged a bullet when she decided to sell their marriage to the devil in One More Day. It’s certainly a story choice that ranks up there with the ill-conceived children of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn twins in the “Sins Past” storyline which thankfully has been retconned in recent years.  

After a teaser image earlier this week, Marvel has announced a Spider-Man: Reign sequel from Kaare Andrews for next year. A preview was included in this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #31.

It goes without saying that Marvel is well aware of the controversy and is heavily leaning into it with the promotion. I’ll refrain from offering my own colorful commentary because let’s face it, anything that can be said about the series already has by now.

Interesting to note, this reality (Earth-70237) of Spider-Man was supposedly killed by Daemos of the Inheritors crushing his head with Mary Jane’s tombstone in the pages of Spider-Verse. However, it appears that this Spidey along with several others were presumably restored to life in the most recent End of the Spider-Verse storyline.

Keep your eyes peeled for details regarding Spider-Man: Reign 2.


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