So the Marvel presentation at the Diamond summit just let out, and among the things that were shown:

• more about the legacy numbering returning post Secret Empire

• marketing widely reported marketing efforts such as advertising in theaters and geotagged comic book locator referrals

• A slide was shown with the heads of many of Marvel’s non white male  characters to reinforce their commitment to more representative characters

• The widely rumored footage that was shown was photos from the upcoming Inhumans tv show including Black Bolt in his costume.

Retailers we polled were split. Some showed no appreciable increase in excitement level over Marvel’s attempts to get sales back on track. Others remain impressed by the marketing efforts.

So there you go.



  1. Too little too late on the diversity stuff. Gabriel should have been fired over that one, but since when has comics cared how they affect minorities it women?

    And only because some commenter accused me of this, I don’t think Marvel readers are inherently racist.

  2. I still feel for Gabriel on the diversity issue. America is a big place, For every San Francisco, there are a handful of ‘generally racist-burg, REAL AMERICA’. shops Kids there can order Ms. Marvel through Scholastic, but we have to be fair, Marvel is obligated to listen to shops. Companies should push things, but at the same time, a lack of diversity is not comparable to separate drinking fountains.. This site has been part of the call-out of man-child comic shops. They exist. To what percentage, who knows. Should Marvel refuse sale to them?

    I get why he was railed against, but I also get why he said it. America is slow.

  3. Yeah, Chris, fire people for having opinions and sharing them honestly, that’s the way to encourage change. Gabriel had an interpretation of some sales figures, which to some extent at least I’m sure was CORRECT, and you think he deserves to be fired. And I’ve seen you comment on every story remotely connected to this issue. I’m starting to think you are a sociopath.

  4. “America is slow.”

    Yeah, when we’re talking about super-hero comics that are being read by 20somethings, NOT because they read them as kids but because they think the pamphlets actually pass for legitimate reading material, I think you better be careful throwing that word “slow” around.

  5. By the term ‘America is slow’, I meant slow to change, not mentally slow, though sometimes I have that idea too. America was one of the last Western countries to legalize gay marriage and portrayed itself as some sort of leader when it did. It’s certainly not at the front of freedom and equality.

    And that was what I meant about man-child comic shops. There are a lot in the comics community so outright hostile to any change.

    My post before was a little sprawling and confusing, sorry about that.

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