Heavy-Metal-Magazine-Covers-from-The-1980s-21.jpgHere’s some blazing news that just arrived in a puff of smoke: Heavy Metal Magazine is publishing a marijuana-themed magazine to add to its famed “generally high” themed classic SF/comics magazine.
We hear the new pub, which is aiming for a September release, will be a “Vanity Fair meets Heavy Metal” lifestyle magazine, as devised by Heavy Metal co-CEO, Jeff Krelitz and  staffers Rantz Hoseley and Jett Lucas (son of George). There will be some weed-friendly celebrities involved as well. They will be working with a number of companies in the cannabis space to help fund the project. One such company is well-known delta-8 THC seller Area 52, who wanted to bring cannabis culture through comics to the masses by working with Krelitz.
“We wanted to create a lifestyle affirming magazine which caters to Marijuana consumers globally”,  Krelitz revealed.  “We’re on the precipice of an end-of-prohibition like Era.  People want a destination that is entertaining, informative and cool, elevating  the lifestyle rather than patronizing or criticising it.”
Hoseley added, “This isn’t a “stoner” magazine, playing up to the stereotype of cannabis consumers being lazy or stupid. This is an aspirational lifestyle magazine targeted at the growing cannabis culture. It’s about travel and fashion, achievement and fun. This is a contemporary magazine that reflects the growing integration of cannabis into mainstream international culture.”
For Lucas, this is a passion project realized – “We are taking the rebellious spirit of Heavy Metal and combining it with the culture of marijuana to create something fresh and new – the ultimate hybrid .  For me, thats important because its time to shake the stygmas and the focus from pointless arguments of “is this legal, should it be, why isnt it?” To “how is this benefitting people, what can we do to further that?” The closer we can get everyone to moving in the same direction, the better.”
Heavy Metal is actually 40 years old this month – which makes it the fourth oldest existing comics publisher behind DC Comics, Archie and Marvel (comics historians you can have at that in the comments.) Grant Morrison is the current editor of the magazine, although we hear he’ll be wrapping up his two-year stint  in 2018 and a new editor will be crowned. It’s kind of like Miss America except with dinosaurs.
More details on this “Project 4/20” will be revealed later.
Correction: We originally had Grant’ srun ending in 2017 but he’ll be stepping down in 2018 – we blame the fumes.


  1. Stoner culture was a big part of the first decade of Heavy Metal. This feels very much like them going back to their roots.

  2. I recently watched the 1981 HEAVY METAL movie for the first time in decades. MIght have enjoyed it more if I were still getting high! But good to see Bernie Wrightson’s art transferred to animation.

  3. Actually, UK comics publisher DC Thomson (and others there or internationally?) is older than DC… so hopefully next time clarify ‘oldest ones in USA.’

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