ICv2 has a compact item — evidently taken from Marvel’s retailer mailing — revealing a delay in shipping for CIVIL WAR #7.

Marvel Comics has announced that Civil War #7, the finale to the blockbuster mini-series that was most recently slated to go on sale on January 31st, has been delayed until February 21st. A raft of related titles including Amazing Spider-Man #538, Fantastic Four #543, Moon Knight #8, and the Civil War Poster Book will also now ship to retailers for sale on February 21st (the complete list of the remaining Civil War releases and their new shipping dates is appended below). Marvel has announced that Civil War #7 will contain 28 pages of story content — six pages more than the ordinary comic, but will still retail for $2.99.

We haven’t been entirely up on the news, but the announcement seems to have been met with very little wailing and gnashing. It seems fans that a) fans WILL wait and b) retailers WILL continue to order Marvel Comics in large amounts. Looks like the only thing that ever really changes is the line-up of the Fantastic Four, and somehow, with a movie on the way we think Sue and Reed may just be back someday. Ah yes, the restoration of order.


  1. Ah yes, the restoration of order.

    But…but…”There Is No Going Back!”

    Marvel SAID so!! TWICE, in the advance solicitations to Amazing Spider-Man!

    They wouldn’t be LYING to me, would they?

  2. I think that there’s been little gnashing and wailing because, really, everyone expected this to happen at this point. Also, there wasn’t any type of excuse given outside of the general “We needed more time to work on it,” which was much less inflammatory than “Retailers asked us to put it back two weeks”.

  3. Besides, we’ve already had the wailing and gnashing of teeth phase — hard to do that over and over and over again, really.

    I’m just going to slice my order for #7 down to the bone, and call it done.


  4. Being Wednesday, I went to my local comic store today. The news of the Civil War delay only merited a sigh and a head-shake. The news that All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #5 was rescheduled for April 4, however, was met with uproarious laughter. A whole year? Civil War is small potatoes.

  5. I whined a bit on Tom Brevoort’s Blah Blah Blog at the Marvel.com website. But after the Civil War #6 delay and subsequent “screwing” of the West Coast due to weather problems I was out of energy to whine about the delay. Brevoort all but said it would be delayed on Friday Jan. 5th, so I had 4 days to think, “whatever…this has pretty much been the status quo for Civil War.

    Most of my short comment to his “get a sense of humor” post had to do with, look at who you are, realize how tired of this we are, and next time make a better decision when you want to make a snide comment at your retailers and fans. Timing is everything, and his was very bad that day.