Marvel has been teasing a major new character debuting in the pages of Spider-Man #7 next week from the creative team of writer Dan Slott and Mark Bagley going so far as to hide a spoiler variant. Perhaps anticipating that the secret character would be spoiled and hit the internet long before fans had a chance to actually read the issue, Marvel has revealed details of the new Spider-Hero.

Meet Spider-Boy! The character’s full origin will be told this June in Edge of Spider-Verse #3 in a story by Slott and the character’s co-creator, Humberto Ramos. Marvel’s official description:

Over time, Marvel fans have met a host of new heroes from throughout the Spider-Verse! Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk, and so many more have weaved their way into the Marvel Universe and into fan’s hearts. But none of them have been anything like SPIDER-BOY. Not originating from the Multiverse at all, Spider-Boy’s been here all along and starred in some of the greatest stories in Spider-Man history! Hasn’t he? 

Spider-HeroHere’s what Slott had to say about his bold new creation: 

“I can’t wait for people to meet Bailey, and the unique role he’s going to play in both Spider-Man’s world and the Marvel Universe. I grew up reading Spider-Man comics. He’s my favorite character in all of fiction. All I ever wanted to do was tell stories with THIS cast, and it’s been the coolest thing ever to co-create some of the characters who populate it. And this kid, this Spider-Boy, is THE one I’m most psyched about! 

“On the art side, two absolute SPIDER-LEGENDS are bringing Spider-Boy to life. My longtime collaborator, Humberto Ramos and the amazing Mark Bagley. 

“The all-new, all-different Spider-Boy of the 616: He’s got strange new spider-powers, secret ties to dark corners of Spider-Man lore, and a story that’s all his own… that is right about to begin!”

I can only imagine the collectors and speculators already gearing up to buy as many copies as possible.

Look for Spider-Man #7 to arrive in stores and digitally next week on Wednesday, April 5th.